Financial Planning at Takaful Wealth Management

With Takaful Wealth Management at the forefront of your financial planning team, you can expect a comprehensive strategy that  addresses all your financial requirements and aspirations. Our proficiency in socially responsible investing and Islamic finances guarantees that your plan aligns perfectly with your values. 

Values Driven

We grasp the difficulty of creating a plan that ensures financial security for you and your family while staying true to your beliefs and values. We are able to offer a Sharia-conscious and Halal faith-based investment philosophy. We have access to third party money manager advisory platforms that are able to filter by non-financial criteria. This can include the following criteria...

Financial Planning Process

Financial planning professionals offer suggestions rather than making decisions. You maintain authority over your finances. These suggestions are tailored to your requirements, beliefs, objectives, and schedules. It's up to you to determine which suggestions to adopt, and then collaborate with a financial professional to put them into action.

Staying on Track

The financial planning journey continues beyond the initial plan creation. Typically, it's advisable to review your plan annually to ensure its relevance. Additionally, adjustments may be necessary to accommodate changes in personal circumstances or economic conditions.




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